Counselors at the Fruita 8/9 help students across social/emotional, academic, and career domains. Students can request an appointment with us by filling out a counselor request form in the counseling office.

Colleen Stabolepszy 
Counselor L-Z

Judi Weber

Counselor A-K

Lori Fairfield




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2018-2019 School Year

Future Eighth Graders

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Future Freshmen


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 ​Future Sophomores

More information can be found on the FMHS Counseling website,
including their course planning guide.

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Schedule Changes

Our goal is to make sure that all students are enrolled in the correct classes. If you feel there has been a scheduling erorr, please fill out the Schedule Change Request form (found in the counseling office) and we will address it. Students adding a class after the 6th day of school will not receive credit in the class they add.

High school classes must be dropped within the 6th day of school. Students dropping any class after the 6th day of the term and up to mid-term, who are passing at the time of the drop, will receive a “WP” (withdrawal passing) for the class. If the student is failing at the time of the drop, the class is recorded as “WF” (withdrawal failing) and affects the student’s GPA.

A course dropped after mid-term will automatically receive a grade of “WF” (withdrawal failing). The “WF” grade will post on the student’s transcript and will impact the overall grade point average. No credit is received for the dropped class.


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